About the Dentists

Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist

Dr. Iva Bubnik dentist has been providing dental services to the Azilda and Greater City of Sudbury public for 45 years. Dr. Brenda Bubnik dentist has followed in her mother’s dentistry footsteps providing dental services in the Azilda area her whole 10 year dental career to date.

Dr. Iva Bubnik started her dental career in Prague, Czechoslovakia. After invasion of her home country she fled and made Canada her home.  The military of Ontario Canada trained a group of these refugees and sent them to serve in the neglected Northern Ontario towns after completing their dentist training and licensing under the eyes of the Royal College of Dental Surgeons of Ontario (RCDSO).  She found herself in her new home of Iroquois Falls Ontario. After serving as a dentist in the northern Ontario community for 5 years, Dr. Iva Bubnik made her permanent home in Sudbury Ontario. Continuing to work as a dentist and started the Bubnik dental practice in the as yet underserviced town of Azilda Ontario.

Dr. Brenda Bubnik studied dentistry in London, Ontario at Western University where she completed her dental doctorate. She grew up working with her mother in the Azilda dental office. Dr. Brenda Bubnik realized through this time that she too would love to care for and serve the people of Azilda, a great and friendly community.  So there was never any second guessing that she would return to Azilda to continue the dental care provided there by her mother.

Our smiles are part of what makes us unique. To Dr. Brenda Bubmnik and her dental staff, the most important thing about your smile is that it’s healthy enough to last a lifetime, and that YOU feel great about it.

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Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist

As a dentist Dr. Brenda Bubnik has a long standing family orientated relationship with the Rayside Balfour, Greater City of Sudbury. Following her mother, Ivana…