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She is very kind and understanding. She has alot of patience with kids and people that are scared. She does her best not to hurt you and stops right away if she does. She is the most caring and best overall dentist that I know.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Brenda Bubnik since she started her practice and I must say she is very cool. I love her. She is very good and always has a smile. I enjoy visiting her and the staff. I like to make them laugh when I go there. She is very gentle when she does work on my teeth. I’m glad to have her as my Dentist. Way to go Brenda.

Dr Brenda and her staff are the coolest people I’ve ever met. She is to good at what she does and always makes sure that she isn’t hurting you… How cool can that be. Hey yooo love you guys a lot. Oh and I know I’m overdue for my check up and cleaning. Will make appointement soon I promise…