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Sleep Apnea / Snoring appliances, TMJ issues, Cold Sore Treatments, Laser Treatments

There are many health concerns outside of the teeth that the dentists can help with. Snoring and Sleep Apnea appliances can be made (when the patient has had a sleep study done) to stop the snoring or treat the mild to moderate cases of Sleep Apnea (thus ridding the need of using a CPAP machine).

Many people also suffer pain of the face and jaw. These are TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. The pains of the face are monitored and if required appliances are made in order to treat the issue and prevent issues from getting worse.  Often the TMJ is healed with a group effort of physiotherapists and massage therapists to help in the alignment prior to setting them into a stable position with an oral appliance to maintain the adjustments.

Multiple people suffer with Herpetic Cold Sores. This is a virus which resides in the nerves of the head and neck, and surfaces in times of stress (illness, sun and wind exposure).  Medications can be prescribed to ease the symptoms.  Also Laser treatments can be started, which has been found to decrease the frequency, size and discomfort of the lesions after multiple treatments.

The Laser can also be used to surgically remove other lesions, such as fibromas, re-shape gingiva, and remove excess gingiva.