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Sleep Apnea & More

Dental Sleep Apnea Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry
Sleep Apnea / Snoring appliances, TMJ issues, Cold Sore Treatments, Laser Treatments

There are many health concerns outside of the teeth that the dentists can help with. Snoring and Sleep Apnea appliances can be made (when the patient has had a sleep study done) to stop the snoring or treat the mild to moderate cases of Sleep Apnea (thus ridding the need of using a CPAP machine).

Many people also suffer pain of the face and jaw. These are TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues. The pains of the face are monitored and if required appliances are made in order to treat the issue and prevent issues from getting worse.  Often the TMJ is healed with a group effort of physiotherapists and massage therapists to help in the alignment prior to setting them into a stable position with an oral appliance to maintain the adjustments.

Multiple people suffer with Herpetic Cold Sores. This is a virus which resides in the nerves of the head and neck, and surfaces in times of stress (illness, sun and wind exposure).  Medications can be prescribed to ease the symptoms.  Also Laser treatments can be started, which has been found to decrease the frequency, size and discomfort of the lesions after multiple treatments.

The Laser can also be used to surgically remove other lesions, such as fibromas, re-shape gingiva, and remove excess gingiva.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry

If a patient has lost a tooth, many teeth or are unable to wear their dentures, we are able to help function with the use of dental implants. Dental Implants can replace a single tooth, a few teeth or help keep dentures ‘locked in’ tight and can improve function.


Dental Dentures Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry

If one has not been able to maintain the health of their teeth through time, the office is able to replace all the teeth in the oral cavity by means of complete dentures.

Crowns and Bridges

Dental Crowns Bridges Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry

Once a tooth or multiple teeth have been worked alot or have large fillings comprising most of their bulk, a tooth may need fortification / strengthening via a full coverage crown. Also if some teeth are missing and one still has teeth on either side of the space, a permanent bridge can be created in order to fill the space and strengthen the teeth on either side of the space.

Conscious Sedation and Nitrous

Dental Conscious Sedation Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry
The office offers conscious sedation as we are aware many people arrive with a pre-exising phobia of dental treatments.

It is the ultimate goal of the office that with care and explanation of treatment to the patient concerned, we will be able to ease the level of the phobia.  But in order to get to that ultimate goal, we understand it takes time, so until the patient is ready to proceed without aides, we administer Conscious Sedation with Nitrous and / or Oral Sedation to help ease the patient’s mind.

Root Canals and Extractions

dental root canals Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry
Root canals are done on the cases that are deemed possible to be accomplished by the practitioner.

Otherwise, if the anatomy is complex, a referral will be made to an Endodontist (root canal specialist) in the area to perform root canals.  Also extractions are performed routinely, save those that carry an anatomical complexity, and those again will be referred to an Oral Surgeon if required.

Family Dentistry

Dental Family Dentistry Bubnik Dental Dr. Brenda Bubnik Dentist Azilda Chelmsford Sudbury dentistry
Our goal is to become an important part of your Family Health through Family Dentistry.

With a family dentistry focus we will treat your grandparents, the parents and your children all with the same amount of care and consideration.  It is the office’s frame of mind that great dental health starts with children, and part of that is ensuring that the child’s dental appointments feel fun!

We believe that starting off ‘right’ and not having fearful situations occur as children, allows for greater oral health in the adult body.  The Adults that already present with dental phobias are cared for greatly with the goal of the treatment being to change that person’s mind over time to make this place not such a chore to attend.

Finally , in the golden years we love to see our patients remain comfortable and living with the best quality of life possible.  Dr. Brenda Bubnik believes so much in geriatric care that she also spends a day a month caring for the residents of St. Gabe’s Long Term Care Center in Chelmsford.