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The dentists both perform all types of routine fillings for teeth with full head and neck exams as part of check-ups.

Many routine fillings and repairs necessary to keep the teeth in place and the patient comfortable, are performed on a daily basis.  Not only do the teeth of the patient matter but the whole body’s health is of conern to the doctors. Thus a full head and neck exam is performed on the patient annually- here we are able to assess the health of the vital structures of the head and neck.

Often the dentist will be the first member of the health care team to highlight issues with respect to their cardiovascular health, diabetic control, acid refulx, thyroid problems, and muscular issues

They will spend time and effort to help the health of the individual in ALL respects- including speaking to physicians regarding medications, potential need of sleep studies, the care and management of oral and other cancers.  Also x-ryas are required to ensure a complete check-up.  However, these images are only taken as needed, and the office has digital x-rays which decrease exposure by 75% of the previous methods.